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Auf ein Wiedersehen

Ever since I have left Michigan and my host family we have kept the contact.
Every once in a while we were skipping, with my american grandparents as well, and later on my host mom even got herself whatsapp.

We have about talked about visiting each other quit often which brings me to the point of this post.

Today my host family is arriving in Copenhagen and will soon be in Winnemark at our place.
My mom and I have been really excited and prepared even a new guest room in the top of our house so they won't need to be apart from us.
And due to the great spring we it will just be the right time for a visit in the north of Germany.

And even though my host parents could see pictures and such, there sure will be a slight difference between me in 2012 and today, not only from the outside but also from the inside!

I am already pretty nervous and my my host parents should show up soon so I will stop and prepare the rest till they get here.